To End or Not to End?

That’s today’s question.

I need your help. Take a quick minute and comment below with two things:

1. Do you prefer books that leave you hanging? Or books that give you closure?

2. Have a book in mind?

Thats the Ending


In a series, I want closure at the end of each book with the over arching storyline pulling me on to the next book. I get most frustrated with series where book one ends and I feel like I’ve read the cliffhanger at the end of a chapter. The Divergent series left me feeling this way, especially book two. To me the series felt like one big story, chopped in to three books. Just not my preference. On the other hand, the Harry Potter series managed to create unique stand alone books that also worked together as a whole. The Last Apprentice Series does this as well. Anyone else agree with me here? Or want to defend Veronica Roth’s tactics?

There are some times that I like a little ambiguity. The book I have in mind is Lois Lowry’s, The Giver.  This book lets readers have a bit of a “choose your own adventure” moment with the ending. My book club read this book and many of the ladies hated the ending.They felt it was unfinished. I didn’t not feel that way. Personally, I love it. If you remember, Jonas’s first memory given was of a sled ride. Then, at the end of the book he’s faced with an unknown town, a place that could be a chance for a new life, a chance for a new start and what’s waiting on the top of the hill for him? What’s his first memory of this new life? A sled ride. That’s a pretty perfect ending to me.

Let’s hear your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “To End or Not to End?

  1. I suggest you read “it’s kind of a funny story” by Ned vizzini. It gives you a insight on mental illness and mental hospitals. Welcome to land of teenagers and adults who may have gone a little insane or who just feel lost and misunderstood. I myself has gone to a mental hospital has reading this book has explained wonderfully how it’s like to be in one.


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