Wham! Hitting the Publishing Brick Wall

Do you have any friends that run? Not jog around the block, but really run?

I know a few.  I have an aunt that just finished a 200 miles race (yes, that sounds crazy to me too). And another friend that marathon hops. Dedicated runners, like these two, typically love the process – the prep for the race, the energy of race day, the high that comes after finishing. Sure, they may have bad days, but as a whole they love knowing they can do hard things. But all marathon runner, even these dedicated ones, have that dreaded mile where they hit a “brick wall” – that mile where they question their sanity and wonder “If I quit and walk into those onlookers over there, will anyone actually notice?”


Publishing a story, especially a novel, is a marathon too. Just ask anyone who’s finished one. Maybe they get easier the more you finish, you seasoned pros will have to chime in on that one, but I still hit a brick wall with each and every one.

I recognize that every writer has a different “brick wall,”  and everyone has their own way of climbing over it. So that’s what I’d love to discuss today. What’s your writing brick wall along the path to publication?

My brick wall is submission. I enjoy brainstorming a work, fleshing it out, writing that first draft, polishing it up… fun, fun, fun. Then – I get stuck and the voices in my head start talking: “You spent how much time making up a story? Do remember you’re a mother? Was that really the best use of your time?” or the one that plagues me most – “You honestly think that’s good enough to sell? You sure you don’t want to go edit that some more?” (my voices can be pretty ruthless). I’d like to say I have a magical fix for my own publishing brick wall, but I don’t. Instead, I’ve learned to accept my weakness and use it to my advantage.

While I’m pretty methodical with my daily have-to-dos, when I’m dreading something (like submitting a manuscript), I procrastinate. Big time. So, how do I use procrastination to my advantage?

I work in spurts.

I’m someone who has to get everything done, just has to. So, while I may be a procrastinator, I also know it will all get done… eventually.  When I hit my brick wall, I sit and wait for that magical time when I’m sick of procrastinating and actually want to play catch up. Then I pounce and put myself in overdrive. I tackle all those half done cover letters, tell my voices to shut their yaps, deem my manuscripts “good enough” and send them on their way. My “intensive spurts” method isn’t for everyone, especially those with looming deadlines, but it works great for me.

Now on to you:

What’s your brick wall? And how do you get past it?

Please comment below.

Your fix might be the answer another writer is looking for!


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