Just a pinch



I’m a tad addicted to cilantro. If I can put it on something, I will. My husband? Not a huge fan.  I still sneak it in to plenty of stuff, but I’ve learned to chop up my own little portion of it, scoop it into a tiny bowl and set it next to my dinner plate for some satisfying sprinkling. Keeps me happy and the rest of my family willing to eat the dinner I made.

Descriptions in writing can be like cilantro. Using too much a good thing can get overwhelming (I’m looking at you Edward Cullen with your butterscotch eyes) 😉 As authors, we find something we love and, if we don’t watch ourselves, can get carried away. Readers want variety. They may not recognize they do, but as soon as you take that variety away from them you’ll hear the pounding fists on the table, “Not that again!”

Grab a thesaurus. Snuggle with it. Love it. Use it. Then save all those excess adjectives for some other story. It just might save you and your readers from a very cilantro-y story.


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