Writing Right

I like to write stuff. I like to browse online for stuff. I also like to trick myself into thinking that while I’m browsing online for stuff I’m also helping improve my writing stuff.

Uhhh… not usually.

Sure, I’ve stumbled on a helpful article once and awhile but I’m talking about when that thought comes (after an undisclosed amount of time online), wow… I spent all morning researching publishers for that idea I haven’t actually put on paper yet!

Finding time to write plagues me. Maybe I lose all that time to searching for publishers for stories I haven’t written? Hmm… maybe it’s to my four kids wanting to be fed? Possibly working part time and being tired full time? Whatever it is, I know other authors with crazy lives are still successful squeezing in consistent writing time each day. So how do I do it?

I hate how often the answers are simple. Like this one, to improve as a writer you have to write (not surf the internet on how to write, but actually write words on paper. It’s rocket science, I know). Or that annoying truth that you need a finished and polished manuscript before you start shopping for a publisher (again, my brilliance astounds you).

We live in an instant world; instant information, instant credit approvals, instant wins. But writing right isn’t instantaneous. Writing right is having your butt glued to the chair day after day while you type your fingers raw (on your manuscript, not on a google search). Then word by word gradually adds up to a manuscript. Then  comes the fun (after the spit shining and polishing of every little line). Can you guess what it is? Yup, a little guilt free time with google and a little keyword “publisher.”


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