Did you say no? I heard yes.


My eight year old daughter won’t take no for an answer. Frequently she gets an idea in her head and sinks her teeth into it – pit bull style. There’s no prying her off an idea she loves. She doesn’t ask “Can we go to the park?”  She asks, “When are we leaving for the park?” One tiresome afternoon (after many, many nos to “Can we go to the park?”) she collected my purse and keys,  got her shoes on and announced that it was time to go. ‘No’ doesn’t work with her unless you want to hear “When, then?” (I didn’t, so I caved and we went).

pitbullEvery writer needs a little ‘pit bull’ in their blood. Myself included. We’ve all gotten rejections; form letters, the ‘not quite right’ ones, the note on the manuscript followed with a nice ‘try again.’ They’re all no’s, we’re not fooled. But if we’re pit bulls, the next thought (the one that comes after the wallowing and pint of ice cream) should be “When, then?”

It’ll happen. My daughter gets to go to the park eventually and we’ll get to see our story in print too. Just sink your teeth in and resubmit.

What do you do with your story when it gets rejected?

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